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When your refrigerator breaks down, the team at Cool Box Fridge Repair in Hesperia is ready to help with any type of problem. You can count on our reputable and experienced Hesperia refrigerator repairmen who specialize in fixing all of the top brand fridges. So you can rest easy knowing your biggest home appliance is in the right hands.

If you notice weird noises or your food won't stay cool you can't ignore the issue because your food can spoil and some refrigerator problems will get worse if left unfixed. Several factors come into play that you should be aware of when you need to repair a refrigerator in Hesperia, including age of the unit, whether uncommon parts are needed to fix it, and the extent of the damage. You can call us to schedule fridge service in Hesperia today, or read below for information that may help you understand the issue better.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Refrigerator in Hesperia?

There are plenty of things that can break on your fridge so the costs to fix a refrigerator in Hesperia will cover a wide range. Whether you fall on the low or high end of this range will depend on your brand and what is broken. Average refrigerator repair costs in Hesperia are $220-$300 which includes service fee, costs for parts and labor.  If a technician comes out and takes a look at your fridge but doesn't have enough time to fix it that day or doesn't have the required parts, they still may charge you a service fee for that trip.  Ask about waiving the service fee if you pay for the full repairs as this is a common practice.

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Common fridge repair costs in Hesperia include:

  • Compressor repair: between $75-$300
  • Compressor replacement: between $220-$500
  • Freon gas leak repair: upwards of $220
  • Door dent repair: between $120-$300 depending on the dent size
  • Ice maker repair: anywhere from $50-$200+
  • Ice maker replacement: around $250
  • Thermostat repair: up to $100
  • Thermostat replacement: between $120-$500
  • Door seal repair: around $60-75
  • Door seal replacement: upwards of $100-$300

Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Hesperia

Large, heavy duty fridges at businesses and restaurants require special expertise. Not all repairmen offer commercial refrigerator repair in Hesperia because it requires additional training and different parts than are found in most residential refrigerators.

Companies need to keep expensive, perishable products cool at all times in order to thrive. If you ever need industrial refrigerator repair in Hesperia you can count on our team to come out as soon as you notice a malfunction. Some common commercial fridge repairs include: not cooling properly, excessive amounts of condensation, freezer not holding a set temperature, the compressor goes out or doesn't work properly or the evaporator fan has given out.

Hesperia Fridge Repair FAQ

I don't have any fridge issues, should I still have a technician check it out? It is a good idea to have fridge repairman in Hesperia stop by for maintenance every other year to ensure proper function and lengthen the life of your fridge. They may find early signs of issues that haven't surfaced yet and fix it before it becomes a more expensive problem.

My fridge isn't cooling properly anymore, do I need to replace it? Chances are the compressor is the issue and it should either be repaired or replaced. This type of issue is quite common and repairing or replacing a fridge compressor is much more cost effective than purchasing a new unit.

Is there a warranty for parts or labor? Parts each have their own warranty and the technician should be able to let you know what, if any, warranty applies. Most Hesperia fridge repairmen have a warranty on their own work, however each one varies. Ask your repairman what their labor warranty is before starting work if that is a concern for you.

What brands can you service? We service all makes and models of refrigerator starting from the most common brands such as LG, Whirlpool, GE, Kenmore or KitchenAid all the way to the more expensive brands such as Viking, Sub Zero or Electrolux. Before service, ensure your technician is familiar with your brand of fridge.

Are power issues common with refrigerators? While there could be an internal power issue that is causing the fridge to not cool properly, using the wrong type of outlet plug could also cause many problems. Also, using extension cords with their refrigerators which can cause multiple issues over the long term. Always use an outlet that is designated for the appliance or have a certified electrician come to your home and install an outlet in your preferred location that will sustain the power correctly.

Can I get a quote without having work done? Absolutely, we recommend that you get multiple quotes for different fridge repair companies in Hesperia to ensure you get a fair rate and you get a good feel for their level of expertise. Be sure to ask when the soonest available appointment is when you call so we can get your fridge fixed fast!

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